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Online Shopping & Reselling - Shop kitchen item supply, etc. at Lowest Prices

RASOI: India’s Favourite One-stop Online Shop

You can now shop for yourself or earn money online, both using the same RASOI App!

The application offers you the opportunity to buy 100% pure food items and earn credits.

1. Rasoi application provides you a high quality platform for ordering. App enables communication between the manufacturer and the seller and obliges the manufacturer to provide pure ingredients to you.

2. In exchange for all these features, the application charges ₹ 200 per month from its customers.

3. Rasoi application provides this facility to its customers that they can pay the charge after taking the delivery.

4. In case of non-agreement with the purchased material, the customer of Rasoi Application can return the material to the seller within 7 days and receive his payment within 7 days. If the seller does not do so, the Kitchen Application Administration will take strict action against them and will assist the customer on their behalf and return their payment directly to their bank account.

Rasoi Application provides the facility of Refer Code to its customers so that they can earn earning points by referring someone and can buy ingredients or get discount on purchased ingredients.

The platform is your perfect partner for buying or selling anything you need for household needs with charges set on the Rasoi application.

After getting the order, add margin money to your product and sell it to the customer available on Rasoi app and get your profit.

Rasoi application assures you that there will never be adulteration or any kind of fraud on this platform so start your journey with it. Rasoi family wishes you a bright future.

The future of rasoi business

RASOI App businesses gain a competitive edge by offering innovative solutions and fresh perspectives on technology and business challenges. Our expertise accelerates innovation, transforming businesses from initial strategy and design to seamless implementation and management. With RASOI, businesses can stay ahead of the curve and maximize their potential for success.

RASOI - The Future Of Digital business.

RASOI is a App that specializes in digital technology and is committed to enabling enterprises to harness the full potential of digital to revolutionize business operations. enterprises streamline and accelerate their innovation and transformation initiatives.

Transforming tomorrow with today’s sustainable AI solutions.

RASOI is at the forefront of the technology revolution, providing cutting-edge data-driven solutions that enhance productivity and efficiency. Our sustainable digital solutions streamline business processes, enabling you to achieve tremendous success.

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Emphasize any growth opportunities or expansion plans that RASOI offers. Explain how vendors can scale their business and potentially explore new markets or segments through your platform.


Emphasize that RASOI ensures the highest standards of quality and purity for all the products available. Mention any rigorous quality control measures or certifications that RASOI follows to guarantee the purity of the items.

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We provides secure payment processing and protects their financial information. Highlight any encryption or security measures in place to ensure safe and reliable transactions.



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The Rasoi" app is helpful in reducing the financial burden of the kitchen as well as shopping for the kitchen!

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This company will take business to new heights by reducing purchase time.

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Brand new thinking business which will integrate Indian business and work on Indian culture with betterment of people By giving protection to small shopkeepers, it will give the power to compete with big marts.

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The knock of public participation in big businesses and a new beginning.

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This company will take business to new heights by reducing purchase time.


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